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James can help you develop the communication skills needed to create a positive impression and be more successful in your next interview. Learn how to identify things from your past and put value on them. Then turn them into powerful, prove it, targeted statements, that meet the interviewers needs and expectations. Your next interview could change your future.





Individual Interview Skills Coaching Testimonial's

I had approached James Lynch with little idea of how to go about attaining any post-university position, let alone the position I wanted. University had thought me the what and why of my career. James, however, gave me the how to of my future. His unique one-on-one appraisal of my approach, highlighted improvements that could be made in my interview style and reinforced the general attitude shift that was needed.


James training is not vocation specific; his advice is relevant to a range of careers and jobs. In my experience with career counsellors and advisers, such breadth of knowledge coupled with a personal approach, is not easy to come by. I am now in a position I never thought I had the confidence or ability to reach. But with his guidance, it enabled me to stand out from the crowd; an attribute that is crucial in the current employment market. Donna Collins.


I attended an interview preparation session with James Lynch just prior to my first job interview in six years and I benefited greatly from his coaching. The role plays (which included many of the more difficult questions that can arise in an interview) were invaluable, because they effectively prepared me for the worst questions that an interviewer could ask me. Knowing I could handle this (if need be) was a great confidence booster.


James provided helpful feedback after the role-plays, especially in relation to suggesting the best way to handle the questions I struggled with, and the importance of being aware of non-verbal cues. He was most approachable and the whole process was entirely non-threatening. His feedback in relation to my resume and cover letter writing techniques, will be of ongoing benefit to me. The feedback that I eventually received after my actual interview was that the interviewers were “very impressed” and I know this was partly due to the interview coaching he provided to me. I would highly recommend James. Sandra O’Gorman.



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To James, just a short note to keep you up to date with what's happening. As a result of the work you did with me to improve my resume I got interviews with two schools recruiting for Japan. I've had the interview which lasted all morning. Later that day they rang me to offer me a position, which I declined due to timing issues. I've sent my resume to two others recruiters and received a call from one who is interviewing in October and am still waiting to hear from another about my resume. I believe it has been your help with the change in my resume which has led to my success with these positions, even the ones I later declined. Thanks again for all your help. It has been very successful. Dianne Fabiyanic.


Hi James, I just remembered I should tell you I got a new job. Thanks for your help and advise, I think the tips you gave me were very helpful. The feed back from a couple of interviews I had were very positive, I ended up with 3 job offers in one week, so I did something right. Mia Cullino.


Dear James, a quick thank you email regarding your interview skills workshops you held at my school last year. Your tips and tricks helped with not only my confidence but also my demeanor and on-the-spot question answering during many interviews since the workshops. I'm proud to say the most important interview for me personally, aviation at university (my first preference) was successful and I’m very thankful for the help you offered, which proved very useful during the interview.


I'll continue to use your suggestions for preparation for interviews for many years to come and hope I’ll find them handy (and successful) when I apply for a job at QANTAS several years from now. Thanks again Alex Haley.


Hi James, I am just writing to say thank you so much for all your help - I really did get a great deal out of that one session with you and ended up being offered 3 month clerkships on Friday with both the firms. Julia Holland.


Hi James, just a note to let you know that I accepted a position as a GP sales rep. I am really excited by the opportunity and would like to thank you again for your training; it was invaluable for the interview process. Kind regards, Nicole Patten.


Hi James, guess what I've been asked to do a Medical next week, I can't believe it!! They have also rung my referees so I'm definitely in with a chance now!! This is the best I've done, I'm stoked. Thank you again for seeing me at such short notice & I definitely credit this situation with having seen you & having gained a better perspective on how to handle the 'behavioural interview'. 'Knowledge is power', so they say & I wholeheartedly agree! I'm feeling quietly confident now. Thanks again Kind Regards Jo-anne Handsley.



School Interview Skills Coaching Testimonial's

James Lynch, was absolutely fantastic with our students. His workshop "Interview Skills Program" was a huge success! He was able to engage the students and keep their attention for the duration of the workshop, the students responded in a positive way to the workshop and have already signed up for another one. James was able to share lots of valuable information and advice with our students on how to look for work, how to prepare for an interview and lots of do's and don'ts! The girls felt really comfortable with him and asked lots of questions and took lots of notes! We look forward to James coming back to our college this year!

Christine Manolopoulos Careers Advisor - Genazzano FCJ College.

James Lynch has conducted several practice interview sessions for our students. The purpose of these has varied from Monash Medical Interviews, to preparation for Art and Design selection interviews and "On how to get a part-time job and keep it". He has worked with small groups and this year I plan to use James with large groups of Year 12 students. His sessions are well structured, interactive and students were appreciative of the skills he imparted. I would strongly recommend James to help prepare students for the world of interviews ahead.

Annie Rubira Careers Counselor - Xavier College.


James's workshops are excellent, bringing a valuable industry insight to the process. He combines fun, reality and positive interaction, which engaged all the students. A combination of information, real life examples and hands on role-play, brings the reality and importance of the interview process and CV into focus. Student participation and feedback was very positive. From work experience to university interviews, these real world workshops are a great opportunity for students. To know how to assess, match skills and market yourself, prior to an interview, is invaluable information. I highly recommend James and his hands-on style of presentation.

Penny Vakakis - MIPS & Vet Co-ord. - Albert Park College.


Dear James, thank you so much for the presentation to our Year 12 students this morning. Feedback from staff and students has been very positive. Even the most unlikely students have come up to me to tell me that they got a lot out of it. We look forward to seeing you later in the year to speak to the Year 10 students.

Elizabeth Dufty Careers Adviser – Mount Lilydale Mercy College.


Dear James, thank you for sending the Medicine at Monash notes. The students are very keen to participate in a few workshops to help hone their responses, thanks to your motivating talk! We have received a lot of very positive feedback from the students about your presentation. It has obviously given them a lot of food for thought and has given some greater confidence regarding applying for courses which require an interview. I have already heard from students who are re-evaluating their achievements and putting a "spin' on these to show relevance to their courses etc. Thank you for your efforts, it has been greatly appreciated.

Jo Marveggio - Brentwood College.


Dear James, many thanks for last Wednesday's session. The new format worked extremely well and the results were evident the next day in the Mock Interview program. The interviewers all commented on how much better prepared the students were this time!

Well done, Jane Gribble - Mentone Grammar.


Dear James, I've spoken to several of the boys who attended the workshop last week and they were most enthusiastic about it and think it should be compulsory.
Thanks for an excellent workshop.

Regards, Anne Parker Careers Coordinator - Melbourne High School.


Dear James, You may also like to know that I received glowing reports about your presentation. The staff were most impressed and the students found it stimulating, inspiring and extremely effective.

Regards, Joan Perrone Careers Coordinator - Mentone Girls Grammar.


Dear James, James Lynch has spoken at Firbank Grammar for the last 3 years to our year 12 students and has been inspirational in motivating students each time. His presentation is well researched and very detailed. James delivers the program with a high level of professionalism and yet still totally engages the girls. They always have plenty of questions even the students who may not think they needed interview skills training. The motivated students come away with valuable hints and skills to further develop their technique while others suddenly realise how serious the competition is for university places and jobs and that they must prepare if they wish to succeed.


One of the common comments is that was best thing we have done in our personal development time but it is also really scary, it is a great way of making students realise that in the real world they must compete and they cannot put it off any longer. I would highly recommend the program for all year 12 students.

Regards Annette Davies-Smythe Careers Coordinator - Firbank.


Dear James, Thank you again - without exception every girl I spoke to said your sessions was great and a huge help. “ I feel sorry for those that didn’t go “ says it all from a year 12 who’s time is so precious at this time of year I echo her amazement at how you keep them enthralled for that length of time!

Di Cornish Careers Counsellor - Loreto Mandeville Hall.




James book, U CAN 2 Guide To: Successful Interview Skills For Students, was extensively reviewed in the Career0ne section of The Age, The Sunday Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Advertiser and regional newspapers. With radio interviews on ABC 774, 3AW, FM 3YB and 94.1 FM.


James has also been the featured guest on Network Ten’s 9am show with David & Kim.

James was the inaugural winner of the Origin/3AW Small Business award in 2007. The Minister for Small Business, Joe Helper, presented James with the award live on air during the Neil Mitchell programme on 3AW.