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James can help you develop the communication skills needed to create a positive impression and be more successful in your next interview. Learn how to identify things from your past and put value on them. Then turn them into powerful, prove it, targeted statements, that meet the interviewers needs and expectations. Your next interview could change your future.




Personal Interview Skills Coaching


Are you in control of the interview process?

  • Got the skills but not getting the job?
  • Never quite know what you should say?
  • How did they get promoted over me!

You’re not alone, if your finding it hard to break through the interview process, or just a little rusty or nervous about your next interview? A personal interview skills coaching session will equip you with the knowledge to identify, interpret and promote your skills and abilities, thus allowing you to present targeted and relevant prove it answers. Discover the power of learning to think laterally and knowing what is expected of your next job interview. James will teach you all of these skills to develop your confidence and “become comfortable, thinking good things and saying good things about yourself as well as selling and differentiating yourself from everyone else.”


Do you understand the commonly used techniques in behavioural based interviews, how to read a position description or respond to formal applications in a successful format? Can you effectively develop a targeted resume? Do you understand email resume guide lines, traps of the internet and new mediums such as Visumes, Viple and Expr3ss.


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James also specialises in interview coaching for: Medicine MMI  Multiple Mini Interview – Medical specialisation interviews – Police senior interviews – MFB Metropolitan Fire Brigade and CFA Country Fire Authority interviews.


You'll learn how to understand the interview process and be in greater control. Interview coaching will give you the confidence to answer behavioural questions in an interview more effectively and credibly. And, you'll learn how to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


Remember - "Life is not a dress rehearsal". Your next interview could change your future!