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James can help you develop the communication skills needed to create a positive impression and be more successful in your next interview. Learn how to identify things from your past and put value on them. Then turn them into powerful, prove it, targeted statements, that meet the interviewers needs and expectations. Your next interview could change your future.




Corporate Behavioural Based Interview

Planning & Training

Do you ask behavioural interview questions when interviewing? Are the interview answers you receive telling you the full story? How do you identify a good resume? Do your line managers have the interview skills to identify and recruit your next star performer?


Recruiting the right person is important, keeping them is critical! Good people don’t leave you – you lose them. Ongoing education and personal development is key to keeping staff and improving your company’s skills base. Understanding and implementing behavioural interview techniques, supported by a complete recruitment strategy, will empower existing staff and ensure new staff will add value to your business.


Have you ever wondered...

  • Whether your organisation gets the very best person for the role?
  • Why a particular person was ever hired?
  • How your line managers conduct interviews and present your corporate story?
  • What candidates say about your company after an interview?


If so - you're not alone!

This recruitment, training program is designed for your business to maximise and grow your single greatest asset, your people. Conducting successful interviews and hiring the right people is a learned skill. And, it's a critical part of your company's future success!


Think about it. You recruit people with degrees, specific skills and expertise. Why? Because, training and exposure to particular tasks gives them the expertise and ability to succeed. How much time and training will go into preparing for your company's next interview? Will it be the fireside chat, leave it to HR, or use a recruitment company? Whatever method you use, mistakes in hiring the wrong person can cost you up to 3 - 4 times the new employees salary!


Managers need to learn the skills to conduct Behavioural Based Interviews. By creating a structure, they will ask the right style of questions and receive factual answers, which will indicate if the prospective person has the skills to meet your company's future needs and expectations.


Life is not a dress rehearsal and the future is not what it used to be! In today's highly competitive world, your company needs to recruit the very best.



Are you in control of the interview process?

Learn the skills for:

  • Preparing for the interview process
  • Understanding Behavioural Based Interviews
  • Conducting successful interviews
  • Using psychometric testing


Learn how to:

  • Assess the role on offer
  • Structure interview questions effectively
  • Match past performance to your future needs
  • Be seen as an employer of first choice!


Good people build successful companies!

This interview skills program will grow the future success of your company. Not only will it ensure that you recruit the right people for the right positions, but it will enhance the skill base of your company and its employees.


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