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James can help you develop the communication skills needed to create a positive impression and be more successful in your next interview. Learn how to identify things from your past and put value on them. Then turn them into powerful, prove it, targeted statements, that meet the interviewers needs and expectations. Your next interview could change your future.



Can you afford not to know the secret to successful interview skills?

The U Can 2 Interview Program has already been experienced by thousands of people in hundreds of lectures and workshops. These books will help you to successfully navigate the interview process. They are built around simple, effective and practical techniques, that are relevant and easy to implement. You’ll be taken through every stage of the interview process, from understanding your interviewer’s needs and expectations to developing targeted behavioural based statements. You’ll learn how to create a successful resume and covering letter and how to handle “the offer”.


James Lynch has been a professional executive recruiter and a head hunter in the finance sector, consulting to some of the world’s leading companies. He has run his own business with over 80 licensees in 5 countries and is now a full time lecturer in behavioural based interviewing and communication techniques. In these must read books, James has created a practical, relevant and humorous guide, targeting today’s highly competitive and structured behavioural based interview techniques and selection processes, that will show you how to:

  • Anticipate and prepare
  • Identify and put value on your skills
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Create targeted “prove it” statements
  • Meet your interviewer’s expectations
  • Be more successful in interviews


Discover for yourself how to be more successful in interviews and get the position that you desire.


Blue Book Graduate/Adults eBook PDF Version


Order U CAN 2 guide to: Successful Interview Skills safely, easily and securely on site now, directly to your computer.